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United Kingdom being sceptical towards Russian pledges, says deputy PM

Britain will be sceptical of Russia’s commitment to reduce military operations surrounding Kyiv, with Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raabs stating that London will assess Moscow based on its actions rather than its words.


Russia has agreed to cut back some military operations in order to ‘build mutual trust’ in negotiations, but Western countries expect Russia to escalate its onslaught in other parts of the country.


The United Kingdom reacted with scepticism, as did Ukraine.


‘The door to diplomacy will always be left open,’ Raab told Sky News, ‘but I don’t think you can trust what comes out of Putin’s war machine’s lips.’


More than a month after the deadliest attack on a European country since WWII, talks took place in an Istanbul palace. The attack has killed and injured thousands, forced nearly 4 million people to flee abroad, and prompted sanctions that have hammered Russia’s economy.


‘Their activities must ultimately be put to the test, and they must withdraw from Ukraine, not just reposition,’ Raab told Times Radio.


‘However, I believe we are very sceptical of anything coming out of Moscow,’ he added.


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