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Shocking! Data leak shows thousands of Uyghurs detained by China

According to a leaked list, more than 10,000 Uyghur Muslims have been imprisoned or jailed by China. Researchers think that over one million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities have been imprisoned in hidden networks of detention camps and prisons. These are the people who have vanished as a result of China’s broad crackdown on Xinjiang. These persons are allegedly being held as part of an anti-terrorism effort.

Chinese officials, on the other hand, are tightly preserving information regarding regional crackdowns. According to AFP, Nursimangul Abdureshid had no idea where her brother Memetili was until 2020. Abdulreshid didn’t even know where her parents were. It took the Chinese embassy in Ankara until 2020 to certify her family’s imprisonment for terrorism-related offences.

However, according to a purported police list given to Uyghur activists outside China, Memetili is being held in a jail outside the city of Aksu, some 600 kilometers (375 miles) from their home. According to the records, he was sentenced to 15 years and 11 months in prison, a figure verified by Beijing’s embassy in Ankara. ‘It’s far preferable to having no idea where he is. There is a little happiness ‘, Abdureshid, 33, spoke to AFP from Istanbul, where she has been residing since 2015.

‘Every now and again, I check the weather there to see if it’s chilly or warm’. The previously unknown database, obtained by AFP, names nearly 10,000 imprisoned Uyghurs from Konasheher county in southern Xinjiang, including over 100 from Abdureshid’s hamlet. Her parents’ whereabouts are unknown, as are the whereabouts of her elder brother, who is also thought to be incarcerated.

Abdureshid recognised the names of seven additional villages on the list of inmates, all of whom she believes are modest business owners or agricultural laborers with no ties to terrorism. ‘I simply feel like I can’t breathe when I search this list,’ she explained. Each prisoner’s name, birthday, ethnicity, ID number, charge, address, sentence term, and jail are all listed on the leaked list. It has not been able to independently verify the database’s legitimacy.


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