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Firefighters can now use remote-controlled robots to put out fires; Read on…

The Delhi government on Friday accepted two robots into the city’s firefighting fleet. These robots will be able to negotiate tiny streets and do jobs that would be too dangerous for human firefighters. The government stated in a statement that these remote-controlled firefighting robots would have better access to areas and will be able to douse flames in tight streets, warehouses, basements, staircases, woods, and penetrate places such as oil and chemical tankers and industries.

Initially, two cutting-edge firefighting robots have been integrated into the Delhi Fire Service. The firemen would receive specialised training to operate the robots. In a tweet, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated, ‘Our government has purchased remote-control firefighting equipment. Our heroic firefighters may now combat flames from a safe distance of up to 100 metres away. This will help limit collateral damage and save lives.

Home Minister Satyendar Jain stated that the remote controlled robots will be valuable troubleshooters for firemen. He also stated that if the experiment is successful, more of these robots will be added to the fleet. ‘With the introduction of these robots, the risk that firemen must bear will be drastically reduced. Aside from that, these robots will be able to generate high water pressure at a pace of 2,400 litres per minute. This means that the robot will be able to put out fires even in regions where firemen cannot go,’ Jain explained.

The remote-controlled robot is composed of a material that is resistant to fire, smoke, heat, and other environmental factors. It has a crawler belt at the bottom, right above the tyres, similar to army tanks. This belt enables the robot to manoeuvre smoothly into crowded areas and gain access to difficult-to-reach areas. The robot also has a ventilation fan for keeping the unit cool. Furthermore, the robot can cover an area of around 100 metres at once and can extinguish fires promptly.

Where firemen must risk their lives to put out a fire, firefighting robots would be able to execute the job more efficiently and precisely. Every robot is outfitted with water pipelines and is operated by a wireless remote. When the robot arrives at the fire scene, it may remove smoke from the building using its ventilation system. This robot also has a high-resolution camera that can take clear photographs despite the presence of fire, smoke, and water.



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