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This happens when you avoid sex

Sex has many health benefits. Sex is not only a physical process that helps in reproduction, but also something that is related to health. It is good not only for health but also for the body. But today, some couples are losing interest in sex. Interest in sex is declining for a number of reasons.

There are some changes that take place in the body when sex is avoided. According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychology, sex as an exercise may help reduce stress. Endorphins are a hormone that helps to improve mood. Sex often makes people happy and healthy.

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Sex is a healthy and good exercise. Sex can help reduce calories. Experts say this is equivalent to a brisk walk. Having sex at least once a week can help strengthen the relationship and build confidence.

Abstinence from sex causes a decrease in natural lubrication in the vagina. Therefore, experts say that it is better for women to use lubricants if they are having sex after a long time.




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