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Following US, Britain is now sending ‘multiple-launch rocket systems’ to Ukraine

Britain will supply multiple-launch rocket systems to Kyiv as part of its sustained assistance for Ukraine against Russian invasion, UK government sources announced on Monday. According to media sources, this rocket system can hit targets up to 80 kilometres away. As Russia’s tactics change, so does Britain’s support for Ukraine, according to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, speaking about the anticipated transfer of M270 multiple-launch systems to Ukraine.

Wallace said in a statement, ‘These extremely powerful multiple-launch rocket systems will help our Ukrainian partners to better protect themselves against the horrific use of long-range artillery, which (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s troops have used indiscriminately to crush towns’. Not only that, but Britain will train Ukrainian forces on how to operate rocket launchers in the UK, according to the administration. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to attack harder if Ukraine received longer-range weapons on Sunday (June 5).

Putin blasted the West for ‘prolonging the conflict’,¬†boasting that Russian anti-aircraft forces had shot down scores of Ukrainian weaponry and are ‘cracking them like nuts’. In an extract from an interview with the official television station Rossiya-1, Putin was cited as saying that if the US began providing Ukraine with longer-range missiles, ‘we will strike at those sites which we have not yet been targeting’.

‘We believe that this delivery (of advanced rocket systems) from the United States and other nations is intended to compensate for the losses of this military equipment,’ Putin explained. ‘ This is not a novel situation. In essence, it has no effect’, he said.

Ukraine has been looking for Numerous Rocket Launch Systems (MLRS) such as the M270 and M142 HIMARS, which are transportable units that can simultaneously launch multiple precision-guided missiles up to 80 kilometres (50 miles) distance. US President Joe Biden revealed plans to deliver Ukraine precision HIMARS rocket launchers this week. This is after gaining guarantees from Kiev that they would not be used to attack targets within Russia.





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