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India joins 5 countries in rejecting Pak effort to list Indian as ‘UN terrorist’

Five nations, including India, have rejected Pakistan’s proposal to add an Indian individual to the list of UN-designated foreign terrorists. Islamabad intended to refer Gobinda Patnaik Duggivalasa to the United Nations Security Council’s 1267 committee, saying he was involved in terror activities in the nation.

The United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Albania all backed India’s proposal. Three of the countries are permanent members of the Security Council, and Albania is this month’s President. The identical name was rejected by 5 members of the committee in 2020. Pakistan’s move to relist him is viewed as a waste of the United Nations Security Council’s time. T.S. Tirumurti, India’s UN representative at the time, described it as ‘Pakistan’s brazen attempt to politicize the 1267 special process on terrorism by imbuing it with religious overtones.’

The news comes after China put a halt to the UN listing of Lashkar-e-2nd Tayyiba’s leadership, Abdul Rehman Makki, last week. While China’s hold is valid for six months, Pakistan’s effort to relist the Indian national has been denied by all members of the UN Security Council.

On June 1, India and the United States jointly presented the proposal, which was distributed to members of the United Nations Security Council 1267 committee, also known as the UN Security Council’s Al-Qaeda (Dae’sh) and ISIL Sanctions Committee. The 16th was the deadline for raising any objections that China had placed on hold.

The US government has placed a $2 million bounty on Makki, and both Washington and Delhi have designated him as a terrorist under domestic law. He is Hafiz Saeed’s brother-in-law, and he is linked to al-Ayman Qaeda’s al-Zawahiri and Taliban leadership. The development is considered as China’s backing for Pakistan at the UN, a link observed in other international organisations.


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