From October to February 2023, Delhi will not allow trucks into city due to pollution.

To reduce air pollution during the winter months, the Delhi government has banned trucks and other large vehicles from entering the city between October of this year and February 2023. No trucks would be let into the city from October 1 through February 28 of the next year, according to the government.


In recent years, the winter air quality in the city had worsened to dangerously low levels. Due to industrial discharges, automotive emissions, and crop residue burning in Punjab and neighbouring Haryana, the pollutant Particulate Matter 2.5, or PM2.5, levels had increased significantly in the winter months.


Most trucks use diesel, which is known to pollute. The Delhi government recently restricted truck access just during the winter months when pollution levels are at their highest. To avoid extremely high levels of air pollution, the government this time announced the entry prohibition for trucks early.


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