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Mysterious deep-sea creature with bulging eyes caught in Australia

Professional fisherman Jason Moyce found an unidentified animal in Australia’s deep seas that has been labelled the ugliest. Jason said that he reeled in this enigmatic monster off the shore of Bermagui town. He posted a picture of it on his Facebook page Trapman Bermagui. Jason sought his Facebook followers to help him in identifying the fish.

Sharing the pictures of the sea creature, the fisherman wrote, ‘I’m pretty sure this is a blobfish? Caught in deep water, east off Bermagui. Probably the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen. Apparently good eating’. The creature is shown in the image as having eyeballs that protrude from the sides of its head and having a pink and grey tinge to it. Its large mouth, which occupies most of its face, is lined with teeny, needlelike teeth.

In an interview, Jason described the creature’s appearance in detail. He said, ‘It was 4kg [8.8lbs] and caught in 540m [1770ft] deep [waters]’.

While many online users believed this to be a toadfish or monkfish, some agreed with Jason that it may be a blobfish. One said, ‘Monkfish, it’s in the Anglerfish family’, while another added, ‘Looks like an Anglerfish, the same family I bet’. A third said, ‘Please put it back in its spaceship’.

It is possible that Jason got confused between blobfish and this creature, as both are found in deep waters and are known to become malformed when exposed to the lower pressures seen at sea level.


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