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Akasa Air, India’s newest airline, creating waves with ‘eco-friendly crew uniforms’!

Even before its maiden flight, India’s newest airline, Akasa Air, has made headlines. The airline, which is sponsored by tycoon Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, is preparing to begin operations and just presented the first glimpse of its airline crew uniform. The clothes are claimed to symbolize Akasa Air’s pleasant, cheerful, and happy demeanour. And no prizes for guessing that the first peek has gone viral.

When you think of a flight attendant’s uniform, you probably think of formal dress. However, Akasa is breaking the mould by creating athleisure outfits for its crew, with ergonomics, aesthetics, and comfort in mind. The airline staff wears tailored pants, jackets, and comfy footwear.

According to the airline’s news release, the uniform is inspired by the company’s basic ideals of employee centricity and sustainability. ‘ The trouser and jacket fabric was created specifically for Akasa Air using recycled polyester fabric derived from pet bottle plastic retrieved from marine debris. The uniform fit is designed to provide the most stretch feasible to assure staff’ comfort during their hectic flying schedules. The jacket, designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh, takes inspiration from the Indian bandh gala and is forward-thinking in a modern rendition of the garment ‘, reads the official document

‘Given the mobile lifestyle of crew members and the long hours spent standing, Vanilla Moon created sneakers that are light and have more cushioning from heel to toe to provide greater support. The sole of the shoes is carved from recycled rubber and created without the use of plastic, in keeping with Akasa Air’s dedication to sustainability ‘, adds the press release.

‘Employee centricity and sustainability are going to be at the centre of all that we do at Akasa Air,’ stated Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer. We devised a uniform that makes our employees feel both proud and comfortable while they put their energy into providing a pleasant, courteous, and efficient flying experience for our passengers.


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