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Five suggestions for boosting immunity at home for breakfast

A pandemic has shown us the need of always maintaining a high level of immunity. You can avoid serious infections as well as common ailments by having a robust immune system.

Make an effort each day to increase your immunity through diet, and as breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, it’s best to get started there. Because there are so many options for breakfast, there are endless dishes and foods to pick from that can be transformed into immunity-boosting meals.
Tips for enhancing immunity with a nutritious breakfast:

1. NUTS AND SEEDS: The healthy fats and nutrients present in all crunchy nuts and seeds are excellent to the immune system. Consider incorporating them into any type of food, such as a smoothie, cereal, pancake, or sandwich.
2. TURMERIC: To reap the benefits of turmeric’s health advantages, try sprinkling a little of the golden spice into your morning milk tea, smoothie, or milkshake.
3. TEA: The majority of Indians start their days with a hot cup of tea, however it can be difficult. It is a typical morning ritual. Spice up your tea with ginger, cloves, fennel, and cardamom in the morning to boost your immunity.
4. ADD PROTEINS: It’s a good thing if you prefer eating eggs in the morning. Plan a different breakfast, though, and try to include plenty of proteins like soy, paneer, lentils, etc. So add paneer to your chilla, make oat-based pancakes, and top your sandwiches with chickpeas or kidney beans.
5. SMOOTHIES: Use curd, milk, or both to make delicious smoothies with fruits, nuts, and honey in place of regular sugar. All of these items can be combined to make a quick meal that is rich in nutrients that can boost your immune system.


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