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Researchers demonstrate how damaged stem cells can be repaired to preserve the umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord can regenerate stem cells, according to recent studies.

A new technique was discovered by Notre Dame University research that can repair injured stem cells and allow them to once more produce new tissues.

The new strategy is based on specially created nanoparticles that can store medicine and transport it specifically to stem cells by adhering to the surface of the cells. The investigation found that its diameter is only 150 nanometers. The medication is slowly released from the particles, ‘making it extremely effective even at very low doses.’

The study’s author, Donny Hanjaya-Putra, stated: ‘It is smart and effective,’ adding that ‘Each stem cell is like a soldier. It has a plan and understands what to do. However, the ‘soldiers’ we are working with are weak and injured. We are giving them the tools they require to resume productive work by giving them this nanoparticle ‘backpack.’

During the mouse experiment, the ‘backpacks’ allowed the injured stem cells to develop new blood arteries. Scientists estimate that it could be many years before the new approach is used in healthcare.

The researchers said the new approach will help to restore cells damaged by pregnancy complications, so instead of discarding the stem cells, clinicians will be able to ‘rejuvenate’ them and it will also help in ‘child’s developmental outcomes’.


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