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27-year-old brutally murders elderly woman in Srinagar

A 65-year-old woman was brutally killed by a 27-year-old drug addict four to five days ago in Srinagar, Thane. On September 8, a police officer was informed that the suspect had used a sharp object to kill the elderly woman in order to obtain money for drugs.

The accused was charged with murder by the Srinagar police station, and both he and his mother were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in the incident.

Dr Vinaykumar Rathod, deputy commissioner of police, Thane city police, said that the deceased had been identified as Jijabai Kedar. She used to live alone in the house in a chawl in Thane’s Wagle Estate neighbourhood. Some of the rooms there were rented out by her. On Wednesday, the woman’s family went to the police and complained that Jijabai Kedar was not responding to their calls.

Rathod added, ‘Shortly after a complaint from the victim’s relatives, a police team went to the woman’s house, which was locked from the outside, and the team broke open the door and found the woman’s decomposed body lying inside. We suspect that the woman died four to five days ago. We sent the body to the government hospital for a postmortem and from there we came to know that she was murdered’.

As per Rathod, a police investigation team detained and questioned the 27-year-old tenement resident on Wednesday night based on suspicion.

Rathod said, ‘Narayan Vijaylal Kewat (27) is originally from Uttar Pradesh. He is a resident of Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Srinagar in Thane and he used to stay with his mother, Subhavati Kewat. Narayan was addicted to drugs and to get money for the drugs, he entered the house of his neighbour, Jijabai Kedar late at night on Sunday, and started searching the house to steal money. But soon the victim woke up and the reason, Narayan killed Jijabai by stabbing her in the neck with a knife. He took about 4 tolas of gold from Jijabai’s body and locked her door from outside and ran away. Narayan gave the stolen gold to his mother’.

Narayan Kewat was charged with violating sections 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) and 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


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