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Artificial intelligence helps photographer ‘bring back stars’ who have died young!

The youthful stars who passed away have been brought back to life by photographer Alper Yesiltas using artificial intelligence and editing tools. The photographer, who is located in Turkey and worked on the ‘As If Nothing Happened’¬†project, said, ‘I’ve been enthused by the advancement of AI technology for a while, thinking that everything imagined may be displayed in reality’.

Yesiltas posted the unnervingly lifelike pictures to his Instagram account and explained, ‘When I started dabbling with technology, I realised what I could achieve and thought about what would make me the happiest. This idea came about as a result of my desire to see some of the individuals I had missed in front of me again’.

‘Making the image seem ‘real’¬†to me is the hardest aspect of the creative process for me. When I believe the image in front of me is really lifelike, as if it were captured by a photographer, that is the moment I enjoy the most’, he continued. Celebrities including Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Freddie Mercury are shown in the unsettling pictures made by Yesiltas.

Each of the superstars included in the project had one thing in common: they all passed very tragically and at a young age. ‘The moment I prefer the most, according to Yesiltas, is when I believe the image in front of me seems really lifelike, as if it were captured by a photographer’, he remarked when asked about his favourite moment. Yesiltas claims that the issue of ‘how would individuals appear photo-realistically if some significant events had not happened to them’ is what motivated this endeavour.


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