King Charles III will be depicted on coins alongside the new pictures of the Queen.

New time period has begun. After his accession to the throne, the Royal Mint of Britain announced on Friday that King Charles III’s official effigy will be featured on coins (Sept 30).

The king’s likeness will soon appear on commemorative items and circulation coins, according to a statement from the Royal Mint.

The king personally approved the effigy that the British sculptor Martin Jennings made. Jennings asserted that the king’s image was used as the inspiration for his portrait.

The first coins with the king’s likeness on them will be the exceptional and distinctive £5 and 50 pence coins, which honour the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Two new brand images of the Queen will be on the reverse side of the commemorative coin.

The artist went on to say that although these coins are the smallest items he has ever created, the thought that people will have them in their possession for decades overwhelms him.

According to AFP, the words ‘King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith’ are written in Latin along the effigy’s contour. Charles’ portrait faces to the left, away from the direction of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in accordance with royal protocol.


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