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Here are some tips for becoming an ‘admirable travel influencer’!

A decade ago, social media opened us to a wide range of careers that no one could have imagined. Because of the allure of these online platforms, people have begun to not only pursue their passions but also to make money from them. The term ‘social media influencer’ was coined and has since evolved into many varieties. Influencers were present on every beat, from cuisine to fashion. In fact, we were quickly introduced to ‘travel influencers,’ people who not only travel but also motivate others to appreciate, discover, and take in the globe. In actuality, one of the most popular searches on Google was ‘how to become a travel blogger’.

Many people aspire to make travelling their full-time employment in order to pursue their passion. Of course, it’s a dream, but in order to realise it, one must have a solid grasp of Instagram’s effective practises. Rasmus Peter Kristensen, a travel influencer with over a million followers and owner of the handle ‘Resort,’ claims, ‘People who are passionate about travelling can become digital nomads and grow their travel Instagram following, becoming successful travel influencers. But getting the appropriate photos is crucial if you want to increase your following.’

He and his wife tour the world while he tries to discover the kinds of visuals that people will find appealing. Sometimes, he just goes with his gut, thinking that he is presenting the world in a lovely way that the audience would undoubtedly find appealing.

1. Find Your Niche 
No travel influencer can become a successful travel handle by simply uploading photos and videos to Instagram. A person needs to find their area of expertise and research the topics they hope to affect. Luxury, health and wellbeing, adventure, hiking, gastrotourism, winter destinations, and many other topics are all examples of travel niches. Rasmus thinks that choosing a certain travel specialisation can help someone gain some expertise on that subject, and by fusing their personal flair with the writing, they can set themselves apart from other professionals in the field.

2. Use Creativity When Taking Photos:
Pictures by themselves can convey a lot about an experience. Rasmus contends that a top travel influencer should therefore develop their photographic talents and contribute to the production of eye-catching visual content for their travel website.

3. Demonstrate Your Video Skills: 
How powerful can a well-produced video be if images can convey so much without using words? ‘In addition to the ability to create an IGTV, Instagram also includes a feature called Reels that enables you to create short videos. One can easily add additional effects to the content using Instagram’s tools. Additionally, adding the correct music merely makes travel-related stuff more appealing ‘, he says.

4. Establish A Brand On Instagram:
Many people’s attention can be drawn in by the original, creative, and motivational travel content. Additionally, it is crucial to consistently update fresh, eye-catching images and videos. ‘ I designed ‘Resort’ with the goal of uniting travellers and letting them individually discover different locations across the globe via the website. You must establish a strong brand on your page so that people can connect with you ‘,he claims.

5. Pursue Collaborations: 
Rasmus argues that people should build their networks even outside of social media platforms and that by collaborations, he doesn’t just mean the ones that travel influencers make on Instagram. Meeting other travel influencers and working with them to produce original content is another important aspect. As a result, you can increase your audience, your following, and the conversions you make on the shared subject they have all learnt.

6. Hashtag All The Way: 
‘Travel influencers need to make the most of hashtagging their brand because they are utilised to bring everyone to one location on Instagram. Many consumers can find information shared by influencers in the travel industry by using a certain hashtag. The posts draw their attention, and they begin to follow them as a result ‘, he says.

7. Make use of Instagram Tales: 
Sadly, not everyone has yet understood its importance. ‘This feature is great. Utilize this feature on the platform where for a few seconds you can give a preview of a post to people, leading them to see your post and ultimately following them,’ he says.

8. Create Your Travel Hub Account: 
People who are just getting started and haven’t seen much of the world can still create their Instagram travel hub account and repost the material of several other travel explorers and influencers.

Rasmus, who has travelled, claims that being a travel influencer and earning money from Instagram are both viable, but only if a person is willing to maintain working hard, give it their all, and produce regular, unique material. Make sure to research before setting off on a journey. Being an influencer may seem elegant, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort. Read about marketing techniques, watch a lot of stuff, and get inspired, but don’t imitate it, to make your account ace. Being an influencer is a gradual process, so have patience and provide relatable material.


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