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Balochistan’s admirer of Virat Kohli dedicates magnificent sand sculptures to him. Internet users are awed

Virat Kohli, the former captain of India, had the crowd yelling in approval with his amazing talent show during the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan. Desi Twitter congratulated Kohli passionately after he reached 82 runs without losing his wicket.

A Kohli supporter from Balochistan has since shared an homage to his hero. RA Gaddani created a wonderful image of Kohli in sand and took a lovely photo of it. The image is currently quickly getting viral.

The caption of the photo stated, ‘A Virat Kohli fan from Balochistan, @imVkohli, produced this wonderful image of #ViratKohli using sand art to demonstrate his appreciation for the best batsman of our time.’

Over 17.2k people have liked and reacted to the post. People adored the artwork and praised Gaddani’s prodigious talent. Many netizens is in joy on how Kohli has regained his form and That eventually helps Team India win more games.


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