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A man consumes 40 chickens for 40 days in a row, and 500 people attend his final feast.

Many people attempt a variety of tasks online, and some of them even create the challenges themselves. Recently, a man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, finished his gruelling 40-day challenge to consume a whole chicken. The 31-year-old Alexander Tominsky recorded his attempt to complete a 40-day rotisserie chicken diet.


Tominsky told the New York Times, ‘This is just a little bit of an inconvenience and a sacrifice for the delight that it seems to be bringing people.’ Every day, he posted updates on Twitter showing where he was eating chicken. The posts mentioned the challenge day and included images of him holding a chicken.


He completed the challenge on November 6, according to a tweet he made, and on that day, he encouraged others to witness him consume ‘an whole rotisserie chicken.’ He invited others to visit him at the ‘abandoned pier near Walmart’ and posted signs all throughout the city inviting them to do so.


Numerous people came to watch him there, and 500 people, at least, came to see Tominsky have the last piece of chicken on the final day, according to Mashable. He also goes by the names ‘Philadelphia Chicken Man’ and ‘Rotisserie Chicken Man.’


Another user commented: ‘I have no idea who you are or why you’re doing this, but I laughed when this photo just magically arrived in my feed without any explanation.’ His tweets have received a lot of likes and comments. ‘You’ve got this, my friend,’ one user said.


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