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Women hate these things about men

It is said that men and women are not just poles but planets apart. That is why it is said that ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’.

But men and women cannot live separately. Men need women and women need men. Both men and women ‘love to love’ and ‘love to hate’ each other. They need each other in spite of huge differences. Some relationships last for a lifetime and some fail.

Here are some of the most common things that women hate about men in a relationship.

Hogging the TV remote: Women did not like hogging the TV remote. It is a common habit of almost all men and most of the women did not like it. She wants her man to cuddle and watch a romantic-comedy or a TV show about fashion instead of watching sports or news.

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Being unromantic: Women love to express love. She also expects men to be romantic and to express love. Women hate it when men completely forget to be romantic and take the romance in a relationship for granted.

The art of selective hearing: Being a good listener is very much necessary for the relationship. Women hate the habit of selective hearing.  Women feel frustrated and ignored when men simply zone out during a conversation that does not interest them.

Taking sex for granted:  A woman’s mind will be filled with hate and disgust if men  expects sex even when she has had one of the worst days at work or when they both have been fighting continuously.


Personal hygiene: Most men did not care about hygiene and cleanliness and women on the other hand are very much conscious about it.

Ogling at other women: A woman did not like her men to check other women. But men always love to check other women even in public places even if he has his wife or girlfriend with him.

Forgetting things: Women dislike her men forgetting important things and dates.

Not being attentive: At times men loses in his world. And this habit of men most of the women did not like

Thinking about sex 24 X 7:– Although sex is the basis of the relationship, women hate it when a man talks about making sex most of the times.

Comparing ladylove with ex:– Women hate it when their boyfriends or husbands compare them with their ex-girlfriends or wives.

Over possessiveness: Women did not men to be over possessive to them



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