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‘Tandoori Chicken Date’ With Future Wife; Netanyahu’s Love For Indian Eateries!

Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister of Israel, is an ardent admirer of Indian food and consumes the dishes butter chicken and karahi chicken at least twice a week. According to ANI, the owner of Tandoori Tel Aviv restaurant, he and his future wife Sara Netanyahu went on their first date at Reena Pushkarna, an Indian restaurant.

She happily showed Netanyahu to a table as he was eager to eat at the real Indian eatery. Following the recent legislative elections, Israel’s Premier claimed victory and made a comeback as the country’s head of state after his party and allies won a majority. Pushkarna was cited as stating, ‘Netanyahu ate Indian food at least twice a week. It was also my first interaction with the Israeli prime minister who strolled in as a happy client hungry for the Indian meals’.

Israeli Prime Minister loves butter chicken and karahi chicken, according to the restaurant’s owner. When he welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2017, she recalled his supper at an Indian eatery. She emphasised that Netanyahu praised Indian food as being really delectable and scrumptious. While hosting India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, Netanyahu also shared his love story and how he met his wife, all the while mentioning how much he loved Indian cuisine.

The proprietor adds that the 73-year-old Israeli leader like anything cooked in addition to the Indian tandoori chicken. Due to kosher rules, the restaurant’s owner said that they create their butter chicken sauce in a tikka masala manner because ‘he likes it’.  She emphasised that all of Netanyahu’s Likud Party officials enjoy butter chicken and anything grilled, outlining the preference for Indian cuisine among Israeli political figures.

Strong ties between Netanyahu and PM Modi
Netanyahu and Prime Minister Modi have a close personal bond, and Pushkarna, owner of an Indian eatery, predicted that under his leadership, India-Israeli relations will advance ‘in leaps and bounds’.  ‘ I observed PM Modi and PM Netanyahu’s friendship. They have a certain bond that is intimate. More self-assurance that works for both groups is better’, the latter noted.

The restaurant, which is almost 40 years old, apparently played a significant part in fortifying the relations between Israel and Palestine. The famed Oslo Accords were signed as a result, according to European publications. According to Israel-Asia Centre, Reena Pushkarna, a well-known chef, restaurateur, and businesswoman, also travelled to India with Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon in 2003 and Benjamin Netanyahu in January 2018.


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