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Over 2 dozen women tied up, tubectomy performed without anesthesia; probe ordered!

Nearly two dozen women were sterilised without anaesthesia in the state’s Khagaria district, a situation that exposed the extreme negligence of the Bihar health department. The women went to the district’s Alauli and Parbatta health centres on Wednesday for tubal ligation, which is when the incident was reported.

(Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure used to sterilise females that involves permanently blocking, clipping, or removing the fallopian tubes. As a result, the implantation of a fertilised egg is prevented from occurring when eggs are fertilised by sperm. One method of permanent sterilisation and birth control is tubal ligation.)

In the clinics, the doctors pinned the ladies to the bed, gripped their hands and legs hard, placed cotton in their mouths, and carried out the procedure without giving them any anaesthesia. Both during and after the procedure, the patients endured excruciating pain. Amarnath Jha, the civil surgeon of Khagaria, commented on the event and stated, ‘We have started an investigation and have requested the NGO guilty for the heinous act for an explanation’.

The Global Development Initiative NGO has been awarded the contract by the health department to conduct family planning activities. ‘ In addition to starting the blacklisting procedure, we have asked the NGO for explanation. The NGO participated in an inhumane conduct, according to preliminary assessment’, said Jha. An official said that the procedure used by the NGO to render the patients unconscious is known as a ‘tubectomy,’ but added that it did not work on the patients at the time of the surgery.

For each tubectomy, the state government currently pays Rs 2,100. The official said that because patients’ lives were at risk, the NGO’s actions constituted a crime. The Araria area saw a similar event in 2012 when 53 women underwent family planning procedures without anaesthesia. Three of the negligent medical professionals were put behind bars at the time after a FIR was filed against them.


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