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Ukraine opposes Orban’s scarf, which depicts a portion of Ukraine as being on Hungarian soil

The Ukrainian foreign ministry announced on Tuesday that Ukraine will call the Hungarian ambassador to express its displeasure over Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s decision to attend a football game while wearing a scarf that depicts certain Ukrainian territory as being a part of Hungary.


Images showing Orban with a Hungarian player wearing a scarf depicting a map of ‘Greater Hungary,’ comprising area that is currently a part of the neighbouring states of Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine, were shown in Ukrainian media.


oleg nikolenko, a spokesman for the ukrainian ministry, posted on facebook that ‘the promotion of revisionism concepts in hungary does not assist to the development of ukrainian-hungarian relations and does not correspond with the norms of european strategy.’


Nikolenko stated that hungary’s claims to ukrainian territory should be refuted and that ukraine needed an apology.


Tuesday’s facebook post by orban avoided explicitly addressing the scarf saga.


‘Politics is not soccer. do not infer anything from it that is not true,’ he composed. all hungarians, no matter where they reside, are entitled to support the national team.


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