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Simple ways to become emotionally available in a relationship

Emotional availability is the ability of two people to share a healthy emotional connection. Being emotionally available requires you to be vulnerable, open and honest. It means you trust your partner in the relationship. Being emotionally available in a relationship helps in strengthening the bond.

‘Being emotionally available means being open, present, and willing to engage in meaningful conversations and connections with others. It involves sharing your thoughts, feelings, and vulnerabilities while also being receptive to the same from your partner,’ wrote Therapist Israa Nasir.

‘In a healthy relationship, emotional availability is critical because it helps create trust, intimacy, and understanding. This creates a strong foundation for empathy, problem-solving, and overall relationship satisfaction. Without emotional availability, misunderstandings and distance can arise, leading to dissatisfaction and potential conflicts,’ she further added.

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She also shared a few tips on how to be emotionally available.

Daily check-in: We should set up a time in the daily routine to return to ourselves and check-in with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This will help in creating more self-awareness.

Open-ended questions: We should ask open-ended questions to understand their perspectives while speaking to others. This will help us to understand others.

Practice empathy: When we start being more empathetic and compassionate for others, we start to validate their emotions as well.

Mindful conversations: Always have mindful conversations. Being more invested in a conversation focusing on the other person helps in being more present in the relationship.

Be vulnerable: Being emotionally available also means being more vulnerable to the other person and sharing emotions, even the difficult ones.

Learn from others: We should closely observe the people we consider are emotionally available and try to learn a few traits.




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