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Fallen Tree Disrupts Train Services in Ernakulam

A fallen tree on private property caused significant disruptions to train services in Ernakulam when it collapsed onto the tracks near Lourdes Hospital in Pachalam. The tree also hit power lines, sparking a brief electrical fire. Witnesses reported a loud noise as the tree fell, but the fire was quickly contained due to the tree being wet, preventing a more severe incident.

Train services were temporarily halted as a precaution, affecting several trains, including the Venad and Mangala Express. After the tree was removed and the tracks were cleared, normal operations resumed, and delayed trains continued their journeys.

A railway official identified the tree as Anjili and noted that it had fallen from adjacent private property. The property owner had previously received a notice to remove the tree due to its dangerous lean towards the tracks and power lines, but the warning was ignored. The Venad Express was particularly impacted as it was approaching Ernakulam Town railway station when the tree fell, forcing an abrupt halt.


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