These are the 21 Questions to ask your kids instead of “How was Your Day ? ”

Most of us are guilty of asking our kids, ‘How was your day?’ after they return from a long day at school. And when we get common answers like, ‘Good’ or ‘Fine’, we obviously feel disappointed and sometimes dejected. So how can we make our kids more forthcoming about sharing details of their day. Or atleast get a full sentence out..

These are the Questions
1)What is the best place at the school?
2) What was the funniest thing you heard today?
3) Did you help someone today?
4) Did someone help you?
5) Who sat with you in the class? Would you have preferred someone else?
6) What made you laugh?
7) What bored you in school?
8) During lunch break, whom did you play with?
9) Who is the funniest person in the class?
10) Who is the most grumpy kid in the class?
11) If you were your teacher, what would you do?
12) What was the word your teacher used most today?
13) Did anyone cry in the class?
14) Did your ma’am teach something that you couldn’t understand?
15) Anything you look forward to tomorrow?
16) What is the hardest rule you have to follow in school?
17) What made your teacher happy?
18) What made your teacher mad?
19) Did you learn any new words today?
20) Which is the part of your school you like the least?
21) Did you use the school washroom? Do you feel safe going there?


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