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New member to the family of coffee plant from Nelliyambathi

In between all the ecological destructions happening, Nelliyabmathi hill slopes still remain as a storage for various species of plants. Now it was Oldenlandia Vasudevanii, a vibrant variety from the family of coffee plants, found in the hill ranges of Nelliyambathi.

The plant was spotted as part of the research work initiated by M. Soumya under the supervision of the Botany Department of the college on the floristic diversity in the Kollangode range forests.

Botanists, including Head of Department Maya C. Nair and Assistant Professors Sojan Jose and V. Suresh, also formed part of the exploration team. “There is a high level of tourism activity in the Karassuri region where this new plant has been located. So there is every chance of completely losing this new species in the near future,” said Ms. Maya

The species is named after R. Vasudevan Nair, retired professor and former Head of Botany Department at the Victoria college. “The plant is named after him in recognition of his sincere efforts in protecting the biodiversity of the whole district.


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