Daily Horoscope: Your Day Today

You long to break out in some way today, and to do things that you find emancipating, exciting and which reflect your true personality. If anyone expects you to toe the party line or to do things you don’t want to do, they’ll be in for a rude awakening when you insist on going your own way instead. What happens now will be liberating and a huge blast of fresh air.

Today You will definitely be in a cheerful mood. You’re in the mood to have some fun today. Put pleasure at the top of your list of priorities and work only if you really have to. Even if you still have to slog away, try to set aside plenty of time for enjoyment. Is this the perfect excuse to go to a party or to throw one of your own, even if you do so at the last minute.

Push away the people who are awkward, back off circumstances which are tricky and find a little niche in the office or at home, when you can be in charge of all you survey. You want to be wrapped up in cotton wool, giving yourself the goodies of life. There will be a sparkle in your eye, since a small adventure beckons. You will definitely be in a mood to get away from boring chores.

You’re totally enamoured of a certain person and can’t think about much else. It’s wonderful to be floating on cloud nine like this, provided that the object of your affections is worthy of your admiration and love. If they aren’t, you’ll be in for a massive disappointment before too long.

This will be even more likely if you’re feeling agitated about something but are trying to hide it, because your pent-up irritation will find an outlet sooner or later. There could also be a discrepancy between what you think is funny and what someone else finds amusing, leading to some embarrassing moments.

Just about every experience that you have today will add to your education in some way. For instance, you could learn a lot from having a conversation with a friend, or you might hear something very interesting on the radio or television. You’re full of commonsense right now, without seeming staid or stuffy, so you’ve got the best of both worlds.

There’s a constrained and tense atmosphere between you and a loved one, and it’s starting to bother you. The burning question is whether you’re tuning into what’s really happening or whether you’re letting your fears get the better of you. Distract yourself by doing something that boosts your self-esteem and which doesn’t rely on other people to make you feel good.

Your relationships are rather tricky and they need more care than normal. If your partner is gloomy and miserable, cheer them up or they’ll do their best to drag you down to their depressing level. There could also be a big emotional gulf between you and a certain someone. Try not to worry too much.

There will be times when you’re very reluctant to speak up, preferring to keep your thoughts to yourself as much as possible. You may also have a greater need for privacy than normal, so retreat into your shell whenever things get too noisy or demanding. It may help to explain what’s going on to people who matter.

Your relationships run wonderfully smoothly today, much to your delight. You’ve got the happy knack of getting on well with everyone you encounter now, even if they aren’t usually your favourite choice of companion. If a new alliance gets off the ground, it will be tinged with idealism and you may always view the person concerned through rose- tinted spectacles.

Today it’s easy to hit it off with the people you meet. However, you’ll be happiest with people who are relaxing company, and who are sympathetic towards you. At work, you’ll do best when working on projects that allow you to use your imagination. It will be a struggle to cope with anything too complicated or detailed.

Today you shall hurl yourself into outside activities, hobbies and social events. There Will never be a dull moment because you could meet some very interesting people along the way. It is even likely that you’ll be asked to take charge of a group activity, in which case you’ll do really well.


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