Here are 7 delicious Navratri dishes with weight control tips

Navratri is here and definitely, it is the time to celebrate. This auspicious festival of 9 days is one of India’s most loved festivals.

During these 9 days, the 9 avatars of Devi Parvati are worshipped, each day with prayers and amazing food delicacies ranging from sweet dishes to spicy treats. But this festival also marks fasting by the followers.

So in order to have an amazing Navratri with delicious foods and great health, we bring to you the 7 special Navratri dishes. Read on and get ready for a Navratri celebration like never before.

7 special Navratri dishes to enjoy with weight control tips:

  • Mixed fruit salad for Navratri:

Mixed fruit salad with apples, berries, apricot, avocado, cherries is the best fruity dish to include in the diet plan for Navratri.

Navratri Fruit Salad

Main Ingredients: apples, berries, apricot, avocado, cherries

Health tip: This salad is recommended to eat during the daytime. The inclusion of berries makes it a healthy fruit salad as it contains less sugar. You can include varieties of berries such as strawberries, blueberries with this. Berries are also great choices for maintaining glucose and cholesterol levels.

  • Sabudana Vada:

It is yet another popular navratri recipe during fast. This food can be prepared with less oil and vegetables for a healthy diet. 

Sabudana Vada

Main Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sabudana, Rock Salt, Coriander leaves, Green chillies.

Cooking Tips: Shallow fry sabudana with coconut oil and rock salt. Avoid using regular oils such as sunflower oil, groundnut oil etc. Do not deep fry. Coconut oil has less fat that makes this dish healthier. 

Health tip: Include vegetables such as coriander leaves, green chillies. 

  • Barnyard Millet Rice or Samvat Rice

This rice with cashews, almonds, coriander leaves, is a special dish for navratri. Almonds contain dietary fibre that is good for health. In addition, almonds and cashews are healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Barnyard Millet Rice

Main Ingredients: Samak chawal or barnyard rice, coriander leaves, curry leaves, water, onions, ginger, beans and peas.

Cooking Tips: Use cooker to cook faster and it gives a creamy texture to the rice. You can use other nutrient vegetables such as peas, beans along with this. Use less ghee to control weight. Wash rice twice. Use coconut oil. Shallow fry vegetables instead of deep fry.

Health tip: Barnyard millet is gluten free and contains carbohydrates and proteins to give energy during Navratri fast.

  • Chakkali with Poha

This famous South Indian recipe is one of the popular Navratri foods in South India. We have to make it healthy without worrying about weight gain.

famous south indian chakkali

Main Ingredients: Maida, rice flour, coconut oil, water, rock salt and turmeric.

Cooking Tips: This can be prepared with less oil and cholesterol content. Use steel container as it takes little time around 5-7 minutes to boil the flour mix. Avoid deep frying. Use nutrient sesame seeds.

Health tip: The use of turmeric makes it healthier as turmeric contains curcumin that prevents accumulation of adipose cells. 

  • Aloo Puri:

Image result for aloo puri

Aloo Puri is a popular North Indian dish made during Navratri. Again coriander leaves, turmeric can be included as ingredients to make it even healthier without having to worry about weight issues. Instead of regular salt, rock salt can be used to prepare this as it is unprocessed and pure. 

Main Ingredients: Potatoes, puris, coriander powder, rock salt, coconut oil, salt, green chillies, turmeric powder.

Cooking Tips: Bake the puris in medium heat with coconut oil. Mix potatoes with atta or buckwheat flour and rock salt. Boil potatoes with water and avoid adding oil while boiling. Avoid ghee and other ingredients that may add to fat accumulation. The leafy coriander leaves along with this, boost health with its vital nutrients.

Health point: Potatoes have low glycemic index and complex carbohydrates which make them ideal for weight loss.

  • Navratri Special Kheer or Payasam:

Samak Kheer is a well-known sweet food that is prepared  during Navratri. This payasam is prepared with Samak chawal or Barnyard rice.

Main Ingredients: Samak chawal or barnyard rice, cashews, almonds and milk.

Health point: Compared to other sweet dishes, this particular sweet kheer contains less sugar.

  • Special Beverages for Navratri

Image result for tea prepared with lemon

A tea prepared with lemon and green tea, lassi made with milk are recommended beverages during Navratri which can keep you away from coffee, tea which contains a lot of sugar.

Health point: Green tea increases metabolism. In addition, it also reduces the risk of cancer and various other diseases as such.


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