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Amrish Puri’s daughter is very beautiful and charming ; Check out the pics

” Mogambo Kush Hua”, the famous dialogue from movie Mr.india is something that any Bollywood Lovers will forget anytime soon and nor will they forget the actor who Uttered those dialogues, the Legendary Amrish Puri. One of the greatest actors of Bollywood Amrish Puri has often seen by us as a villain, but he also does positive roles. He always wanted to do positive lead roles, but when he started playing negative roles, people liked him as a villain more than a hero.


Amrish Puri has played many memorable villain roles in his acting career. But sadly, he is not with us today. But even today, people called the biggest villain of Bollywood. Today we will talk about his daughter Namrata Puri, who is very far from the Bollywood world. Recently, her photographs became viral on social media. She has done her studies as a software engineer or costume designer. She looks very beautiful in these pictures. There is not a lot of information about Amrish Puri’s daughter. As you have seen these pictures we don’t think they look similar, what I actually mean is maybe these are not real pictures of her or maybe they are real.


When you search on the internet you will different images on this name Namrata Puri. All pictures are not same so it is a little bit confusing, if someone in you guys knows the details about her please mention below about this, it will be helpful for all readers and even for us. We hope you like this post.

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