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Man pronounced Talaq to his wife through phone call for her Dark skin

After the suggestion of Talaq bill in parliament, people become aware of the bad consequences of the triple talaq system.Entire nation choral against the triple talaq, they all are aware of what triple talaq and here is an evidence for the question that why triple talaq must be ban.

A day after a man working in UAE pronounced triple talaq to his wife in Uttar Prdaesh’s Sultanpur through a text message, two more bizarre cases of divorce shocked the state. While in one case the man divorced his wife to escape from the responsibility of providing treatment to their physically challenged daughter, in second case the victim alleged her dark complexion made her husband end the two-year marriage by pronouncing ‘triple talaq’ on phone.

Sakina Bano, a 42-year-old woman in UP’s Gonda district, said her husband Mubarak Ali called up on Saturday from Mumbai and divorced her. She added that Mubarak also refused to offer any assistance for the treatment of their physically challenged daughter Karishma.Victim’s father Abduul Satar said Mubarak has been working in Mumbai for the past decade seldom pays a visit to Bano. The couple got married 17 years ago and after Mubarak left for Mumbai, Bano — along with Karishma— came back to her to father’s house.
‘I will not sit quiet till I get justice for my daughter’
Bano’s parents alleged her in-laws threatened to kill the duo if she did not arrange the money for her daughter’s disability. Her family has now approached the Gonda Police against the illegal termination of the marriage. An FIR was filed in Wazirganj police station on Saturday. Family said there were at least 16 joint meetings between panchayat members of Bano’s village Balharai and Ali’s village Charow for reconciliation between the two families before she was divorced.


“I will not sit quiet till I get justice for my daughter. It’s not easy to bear a child. My husband owes as much responsibility for her as me and can’t leave me in such a way,” Bano said.
In Rampur, another Muslim woman Amreen alleged that her dark complexion made her husband end their twoyear-old marriage with a phone call announcing ‘talaq’ three times.

Rampur ASP Sudha Singh confirmed that an FIR had been registered with charges of matrimonial cruelty under IPC section 498 have been pressed against five members of Amreen’s in-laws.”How do I fight this cruelty? My own family keeps sending me back to my in-laws while they send me back to my own place,” asked Amreen.
Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said earlier this month that there have been 100 such cases of instant triple talaq since the Supreme Court in August ruled the practice unconstitutional.



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