Women rescued a toddler from the parked car in hot sunlight: Father protested over her act


A woman who discovered a red and sweating baby inside a parked car, says the father ‘protested’ when she pulled him from the vehicle.

Margi Keys was walking through a carpark in Whanganui, New Zealand on Wednesday when she heard the distressing cries of a baby from inside a car.

‘There were heaps of people around but no one took any notice. I started calling out asking whose baby it was and eventually a man in his 20s waved at me but didn’t come over to the car,’ she told the NZ Herald.

Margi said it was about midday and the temperature was 25 degrees when she discovered the little boy “sweating” in the motor.

With no help from the child’s father, she opened the back door, unclipped the boy’s seatbelt and pulled him out. She said: “As soon as he was out of the car and in my arms he stopped crying.”

Still cradling the baby, Margi confronted his dad who, according to her, claimed he’d only left his son for “two minutes”. Margi added: “He protested that he’d ‘only been gone two minutes’ and that ‘he was asleep’ when he parked the car.”

She said she was shocked by his disinterest and his ignorance about the dangers of leaving kids alone in cars. She said the man didn’t seem that concerned and told her that the baby usually cries and it was normal.

She explained: “I said to him that most babies need to be held a lot, they need to feel secure, and being held and soothed helps them to have that sense of security.”

But Margi said even though the man agreed not to do it again, she was unsure he aware of the dangers involved. The incident was not the first for Whanganui.


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