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Men cross dressed to attract male customers for paid sex service

Two men arrested and went on trial for cross-dressing and posting their photos and video clips on social media on purpose to attract male customers for paid sex. The men also put a small text regarding their contacts indicating they were providing sex services and that interested men can contact them for the service.

The undercover police took an appointment with the service and seized those men when they met the cop. The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance heard that the Asian men had disguised as women and posted photos and videos of them dressed in female attire on Facebook and Instagram.

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Prosecutors said “an undercover agent, who posed as a customer, contacted one of the men after police received information that they were engaged in the immoral act. Prosecutors charged the pair with cross-dressing, engaging in immoral activities to cheat people and violating the Cyberlaw”.

The men refused the charges when they showed up in the court. The trial was adjourned until May.


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