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These Are The Things You Must Say To Your Partner In Bed

Saying certain things that can make your partner feel good and perform better in bed is an easy way to achieving sexual bliss.

Remember to be genuine though. Here are a few things you can try whispering the next time you are in bed with your partner.

“You taste so good!”

Yes, they want to hear that. Man or woman, everyone is conscious about how their privates come across to the other person. Therefore, let them know it is all good, nay great. This way you also make it about them rather than yourself.

“Oh dear God!”

Not in the exasperated way of course, in the way that lets them know whatever they are doing is bang on and shouldn’t cease. If they are touching all the right nerves and spots, commend them on their prowess, it bolster them buckets.

“I love it when you…”

This lets your partner know what specifically worked wonders for you and what they should definitely be doing again. And again. Let them know they are good at something, and watch how they will make it their personal mission to please you.

“*their name*”

This one goes a long way, in ways you won’t even recognise. That little ego boost, it will embolden them as much as it will make them feel special. We all have a tiny Narcissus inside us, don’t we?

“Thank you”

After you are people are done, be humble and thankful for what they have done for you. Be appreciative and value the moment, the connection. It feels great to hear.

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