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Oppo’s Announces 5G Phone with 48 Mp Camera and 10 X Zoom. Know All About It

Rising Chinese smartphone giant Oppo has developed a smartphone camera with a massive 10-times optical zoom.

The new 10x hybrid optical zoom technology builds upon 5x hybrid optical zoom announced in 2017, and adds twice the amount of optical zoom. Oppo’s Vice President, Shen Yiren has reportedly confirmed that Oppo will be mass producing it in the first half of 2019, means that we should expect smartphones with this technology around July or August. The 10x hybrid optical zoom can be used through the telephoto, super wide-angle and the main camera to achieve an effective zoom range of 15.9mm to 159mm.

Most phones can handle 2 x optical zoom before digital algorithms are required to go further. So Oppo’s 10 x optical zoom where the zoom is handled by device hardware is well beyond the capabilities of competing handsets currently on the market.


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