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A bathroom sink in Kim Kardashian’s house cost 18 lakhs; Video

Hollywood celebrity and Reality Show star Kim Kardashian is eager to create news about her every time.

The Hollywood celebrity couples Kim and husband Kanye West recently moved into their brand new sprawling home after spending five years in building it to perfection. Kim and Kanye spent more than USD 20 million on their mansion.

Kim Kardashian recently opened her home for her viewers during a video interview. Her special furniture choices in the bathroom led to a frenzy on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Kim Kardashian in a series of snaps had shared pictures of the bathroom sinks. However, these sinks looked not only unique but also missed out an essential feature — the actual basins.

While she obviously did not disclose the cost, the architects and interior designers, estimated that Kardashian’s basin-less sink may have cost at least USD 25,750 or nearly Rs 18 lakhs.

The staggering figure is just an estimate as some experts believe that the cost may even be higher considering the material, fabrication and labour.


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