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Breakfast menu for prisoners changed after 231 years

The Bangladesh government has at last changed the breakfast menu prisoners in the jails. This change comes after a long 231 years.

The authorities made it clear that the nation’s more than 81,000 convicts are getting an improved breakfast from last Sunday. The new menu will replace the bread and molasses that has been on the menu since being introduced by British colonial rulers in the 18th century.

The prisoners were served flour bread and jaggery as their morning breakfast since 1788. The amount specified for prisoners was 116.6 gm of flour bread and 14.58 gm of jaggery.

Under the new menu, inmates will receive bread and vegetables for four days, khichri for two days and halwa and bread on the other days of the week.

The new menu was introduced at Keraniganj Central Jail during an event on Sunday morning. It will be gradually introduced in all jails in Bangladesh. Currently, there are 13 central jails and 55 district jails in Bangladesh.


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