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T.P Senkumar has an Important Comparison Between U.P and Kerala Govt. Check this Out

A team of CBI officers has already started investigating the Unnao rape victim’s accident and have questioned eyewitnesses and forensic experts. The Yogi Adityanath government on Monday had said that if the family of the Unnao rape survivor wants, his government is ready to recommend a CBI probe into the case. Things have progressed quickly as 4 days later, CBI is into the thick of things.

Meanwhile, news had emerged from Kerala that Kerala Government had spent about Rs 63 lakhs to make sure the case of Shuhaib murder is not going to CBI. The Left government has generally been reluctant to bring CBI inquiries, especially in cases where the Left leaders are under suspicion. Shuhaib was a Youth congress leader from Kannur district and was hacked to death on February 12 by a four membered gang. Congress accused CPI(M) of the murder but they have denied it so far. The former State Police chief of Kerala, T.P Senkumar, in a Facebook post, compared the approach of two governments.

Kerala Government has spent about Rs 63 lakhs for the culprits, to make sure the Shuhaib murder case is not going to CBI. How many such cases where the government is reluctant to hand them over to CBI. The plaintiff spends money from their pocket and conducts the case, while the culprits conduct it through the Kerala Government.

But U.P C.M Yogi Adityanath transferred the case to CBI even before there was a demand for it. It shows that such cruel acts are not beyond justice or law, even if it is committed by someone of your own party. If everyone else can take a lesson from this, it will bring great changes in India” he wrote on Facebook.

Here is his original Fb post in Malayalam


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