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“Communist China biggest threat of our times”, Mike Pompeo

The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo on his visit to the UK used his strongest statement ever against China. He declared that the Chinese communist party is the “central threat of our times”.Pompeo came to UK, age-old US allies to convince them to stop using Huawei telecommunication products from China.UK had earlier rebuffed US pressure to ban a Chinese company from future telecommunications infrastructure.

The UK now on the verge of a new era with the Brexit are framing new trade deals as they now have to walk all alone in Europe for defining new standards on legalities and diplomacy. Mike Pompeo, however, sought to reassure British officials that even though the two countries saw the issue differently, it would not undermine the strong bond between them.

UK’s security and economy are related to its strong links to the US, But China has a growing investment in Britain and is a potential buyer of UK goods


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