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‘ Police must note that Muslims know how peace would go away. We are not wearing bangles.’: AIMIM MLA justifies his hate speech

Mufti Mohammad Ismail, a MLA from Malegaon, Maharashtra representing All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen has come with a justification for his hate speech that he delivered on last Saturday.

He said that he used provocative words as a protest against police who did not registered a FIR against accused who fired at AIMIM members house.

” An incident of firing took place in the city. Why was no FIr registered? If it comes to us, then the police department should note that we know how to maintain peace. We also know how peace would go away. We are not wearing bangles’, said Mufti Mohammad Ismail in an event in Malegaon.

The video of the speech was shared on online. The video was shared by many people on Twitter, including Prachi Singh Chaturvedi who is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the video, Ismail, MLA from Malegaon centre assembly constituency in Maharashtra, can be heard saying that the patience of Muslim community should not be tested. Muslims are not a helpless lot. Muslims kept quiet because of their civility, said the MLA.

Ismail earlier made a comparison between the relationship between chicken and egg to that of NPR and NRC.

” 40 Crore people will be stripped of the right to vote,. Their property will be seized and their children would be denied admission to schools. They will have to live as prisoners and won’t receive any benefits from the government’, said Mufti Mohammad Ismail.


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