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‘ Hindus will need to beg for food’: Man spits venom on social media by Hinduphobic tweets

A man named Vinny Bailan in social media has been seen spitting venom against Hindus on social media. The man who handles the social media accounts Vinny Bailan  who claims himself to be an employee of International hotel chain Marriot has been  seen posting Hinduphobic posts on social media.

As per reports on OPIndia,   Vinny Bailam, who, as per his Facebook profile, works for hospitality chain Marriott International,   has  incited  Muslims and Christians of the country to commit genocide against Hindus.

Calling Indians, especially Hindus as ‘racist’, Vinny Bailam threatened Hindus of dangerous consequences if Muslims and Christians of the country unite against them. Mocking Hindus, who are being thrown out of jobs from gulf countries following the anti-India propaganda by Islamists, Bailam said Hindus will not have food to eat anymore and they all need to beg for food in the country.

According to Vinny Bailam’s Facebook details, he hails from Mumbai and currently resides in London, United Kingdom. Netizens has asked the Marriott group to take action against him.

Marriott has informed that any conduct that does not comply with the internal policies and service standards will not be tolerated. “Be advised that the proper actions will be taken along with management team and all involved departments,” it said in a tweet.



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