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Will Coronavirus stay alive in your hair,Novel study reveals the truth…

After the Covid pandemic took over the entire world, researchers began an all-out effort to know more about the novel Coronavirus. Various studies were carried out to find out the characteristics of the virus of which the activity of the virus on different surfaces was also included.

The research report of the activity of the nCov2 virus in different substrates was published in the New England journal. The study reveals that the nCov2 virus will stay active for a longer time (3 days)in plastic and stainless steel substrates. We have to take note that most of the countertops, Chairs and Public transport facilities use plastic or stainless steel structures. The virus stays active for a day on cardboard boxes and up to 3 hours on the air. On copper surfaces, it stays active for about 4 hours.

We cover our face with a mask as a shield for protecting ourselves and others. But the virus stays active on our clothes and hair for almost 24 hours. We have to take good care of our hair during the pandemic time. Wear a hat if possible. However, as the chance of getting in contact with hair is comparatively low the chance of getting infected is very low. The clothes will get contaminated if someone sneezes beside you. But the possibility of getting infected from garments remains very low.

More stress should be given to social distancing during the pandemic period. Maintaining a social distancing and being a responsible citizen is the key to winning the fight against Covid.


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