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2010 Mangalore vs 2020 Karipur : Here are the similarities between these two aircraft crashes

New Delhi: An Air India Express Boeing 737 plane crashed at the Kozhikode airport on Friday evening while it was trying to land, bringing back the chilling memories of 2010 plane crash. It was another Boeing 737-800. And again, it was a flight from Dubai.

On 22 May 2010, a Boeing 737-800 passenger jet operating Air India Express Flight 812 from Dubai to Mangalore, India, crashed on landing at Mangalore. The captain had continued an unstabilized approach, despite three calls from the First Officer to “go around”, resulting in the aircraft overshooting the runway, falling down a hillside and bursting into flames. Of the 160 passengers and six crew members on board, 158 were killed (all crew members and 152 passengers) and only eight survived.

In 2010, a Boeing 737 aircraft of Air India Express operating an incoming flight to Mangalore had overshot the runway while landing at the ‘table-top’ airport.The pilots of that doomed aircraft tried to power-up the plane in an attempt to take-off before running out of tarmac.

Unfortunately, the aircraft plunged into a valley below and exploded.

Almost similar scenes were witnessed on Friday when a Dubai-Kozhikode flight overshot the runway and fell down a slope.

According to experts, some of whom are serving commanders in reputed domestic airlines, Friday’s incident has little resemblance to the one that occurred in Mangalore.

“In Mangalore, pilots had landed the aircraft in the middle of the runway. Then they quickly tried to take-off again, thereby using thrust and power,” a senior commander said..

“However, their attempt failed and at the peak power, the aircraft hit antennas at the end of the runway and dived into the valley.”

He pointed out that Mangalore incident was a ‘high intensity’ one which ignited the on-board fuel, thereby, causing a heavy toll on life.

Only a handful of survivors had escaped the Mangalore accident.



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