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Child Prodigy:- Rafael Nadal applauds a Kerala girl’s Tennis play

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Tennis legend Rafael Nadal is amazed at the amazing performance of a five-year-old Malayalee girl. Nadal’s mind was captivated by the talented performance of five-year-old Vivikta in the house. Nadal, who saw Vivikta’s masquerade shots, sent a congratulatory video message to the baby talent and promised to see her in person. He also sent a gift to Vivikta.

Her father V S Visakh posted the video on Instagram. The video was added to the Talent Hunt organized by Kia Motors Global. With this, Nadal sees the playfulness of the child star. His mother Suchitra says that Vikta, who started racketeering at the age of two, is active on the court at the age of four. “I am 34 now and my wife also plays tennis. Vivi right from early childhood liked tennis and since she was interested, we used to take her often. This video from Nadal is certainly an inspiration not just for my daughter, it should motivate all interested in tennis,” said Visakh who is an IT professional with a leading bank.

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