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‘PM Narendra Modi’ the first film to be released when theaters open in the country. Read more…

Movie theaters in the country have been closed for the past few months following the lockdown in the wake of the COVID expansion. But when the theaters open following the lockdown concessions, the film ‘PM Narendra Modi’, which tells the life story of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, is getting ready for release. Vivek Oberoi starrer PM Narendra Modi, a biopic on the Prime Minister of India, will be the first film to hit the theaters after the cinema halls reopen. The film will re-release on October 15. The film was first released on May 24. Vivek Oberoi played the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ‘PM Narendra Modi’. The film was made on a budget of Rs 8 crore and grossed Rs 14.70 crore. The film is directed by Omang Kumar.

Anirudh Chawla and Vivek Oberoi wrote the script. BJP leaders including Atal Bihari Vajpayee were cast in the film. But the transformation of Vivek Oberoi into Narendra Modi was much discussed. The posters, including First Look, were picked up by fans. Sunita Radia was the cinematographer. The editor was Sanjay Sankla. Modi lovers are waiting for the release of the film.


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