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Any jalebi lovers here? Know the calorie count and nutrition facts of our National Sweet dish

Jalebi is an every day morning sweet dish in India. It is the most loved sweet of India and is found in every corner of India. In some parts of India, it is the morning breakfast. People eat jalebi almost at every festival. There are many variants of Jalebi like Chhena jalebi or Khowa jalebi. Though it is sweet it tastes best if eaten when it is hot.

Jalebi is a popular deep-fried Indian dessert loved all over the country and has 44 calories per Jalebi. Out of which carbohydrates comprise 22 calories, proteins account for 1 calorie and the remaining calories come from fat which is 20 calories. It can even cause heart diseases and is linked to diabetes. Jalebi is very unhealthy by eaten just by itself. But, it is often served with an accompaniment or in a combination of another sweet, which can make it much worse. For example, jalebi is often served with rabdi, which is very high in saturated fat and sugar.

Jalebi is made up of maida and sugar which falls under the category of unsafe foods for diabetes and a healthy lifestyle. Consuming maida and sugar will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and slow down the fat-burning process. Even worse, it will cause inflammation in your body which is unhealthy.


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