Bear Grylls shares a throwback picture with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In August 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appearance on the Discovery Channel episode of “Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls” was never forgotten. Television adventurer Bear Grylls recently shared one of the pictures taken during the filming of the event on social media.

In the picture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the bear grylls were sitting on a beautiful riverbank and getting ready for tea. Bear Grylls tells the story behind this film in his post: “One of my favourite photos: soaking wet and sharing a cup of tea with Prime Minister Modi after our @discovery jungle adventure together. Note the raft in background… I had made it to hold two of us but it almost sank when he climbed in it, so instead I swam alongside. I had promised the Indian Secret Service that he would hardly get his feet wet…. well, that didn’t work out so well! ? This moment reminds me of how the wild is the ultimate leveller. We are all the same behind the titles and masks. Just two people sharing tea and trying to stay warm. All these stories, and so many more, are in my upcoming autobiography: ‘Never Give Up.’ ”

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