‘Brain dead’ man found alive on the autopsy table

An accident victim from Karnataka, who was declared brain dead, found alive on the autopsy table. He got goosebumps when a doctor started his post-mortem and was admitted to the hospital immediately. The man started responding to treatment and his vitals were said to be normal on Tuesday. The 27-year-old Shankar Gombi was declared brain dead after keeping him under two-day observation and asked his family to take his body after he met with an accident in Mahalingapur on February 27.

After being declared brain dead, the man was taken to another hospital for his autopsy. When a doctor was conducting the post-mortem, he noticed goosebumps and movement on the deceased’s hands touching him. SS Galgali, the doctor assigned to perform the post-mortem, said,  “I knew the face on my surgery table, but I did not expect he would be alive.”

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