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‘Baby beer bong’; Dad with new feeding technique leaves netizens in laughter

No matter what, parents can go weird and crazy when their sole aim is to feed their little ones. Here’s one dad who with his idea filled his baby’s belly and made the netizens’ laugh till the belly ached.

Rudy Willingham, from Seattle knows that his baby who is underweight needs more calories. Baby should drink more milk. Keeping this in mind, the great dad made a baby beer bong to make her drink more formula milk. Beer bongs help undergrad students gain weight and this dad thought that the device may work for his little girl too.

Rudy didn’t forget to make a of him feeding his daughter Lily through the baby beer bong. He then posted it on social media. “Worked for me in college, should work for her too right?” the video caption read.

The daddy said that the bong is strictly reserved for formula as he “gotta keep things sanitary for my little gal.”Lily’s mum approves of her husband’s idea and finds the bong “hilarious”.

Rudy seems not to end his creativity with the small bong. This time he is planning to make another bong for himself. “I’m also thinking of getting a water bong for myself so I can stay properly hydrated throughout the day,” he said.

The video has gone viral on social media making people laugh. One user said,”So much daddy-love in this! How awesome that you have each other” while another added, “Parenting done so damn right.”

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