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Strange looking creature transforms itself 3,700 feet deep in the Indian Ocean. Watch the viral video

New Delhi: The world of science is experimenting with the secrets of the sea. Researchers are constantly monitoring the oceans for new discoveries. Every piece of information that comes out about the mysteries of the seabed makes the explorations even more powerful. Information about such a discovery is now being widely discussed in the scientific community. The current topic of discussion is a rare creature found in the Indian Ocean. Experts say that at first glance it looks like an alien creature.

Images of the occasional changing creature are widely circulated on social media. The 2013 video has once again paved the way for discussions on social media. The footage was captured by a state-of-the-art remote control system. The strange looking creature found at a depth of 3,753 feet in the Indian Ocean. When you first see this creature it looks like a lemon squeezer. The video shows the creature floating in the water for a while, then turning into a ball and then swimming like an owl to another place.


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