Like to have a Mango Lassi on this summer…

The burning heat of summer can be really brutal, but it also can’t be denied that the season brings along some delicious and soul-soothing foods to enjoy – mango being one of the most popular summer foods for all. Also called the ‘king of fruits’. We always like to add mangoes into our daily diet. From adding raw mangoes to dal and kadhi to having juicy, ripe mangoes as is – we make the most of the fruit during the summers. We also like adding mangoes to soul-soothing lassi to make it seasonal. Mango lassi is basically two summer special foods (mango and lassi) mixed together to create something unique and flavourful.

A glass of lassi during the summers are really enjoyable. It not only keeps us hydrated but also soothes our soul and cools us down. A native to India, lassi is made with dahi, sugar and pink/black salt and strikes a chord with every one of us with its rustic taste. Besides it also adds a good amount of minerals to our daily diet that helps us stay healthy and immuned against seasonal diseases.

Health Benefits Of Mango Lassi:

Mango is a storehouse of minerals. It is filled with folate, iron, calcium, zinc etc that helps build strong bones and muscles.
The most important ingredient in lassi is dahi. Dahi (or curd) has always been known for its pool of health benefits. It includes minerals like calcium and phosphorus that promote good digestion, strong immunity, healthy skin and more.
The inclusion of pink/black salt adds a good amount of iron to the dish and helps prevent dehydration and manage water balance in the body.

Mango Lassi Recipe:

To this particular recipe, we need mangoes, water, dahi, sugar and mint. Besides adding a refreshing flavour to the drink, mint also adds minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, and calcium to our diet. Although this recipe doesn’t include salt, we suggest, add a pinch of black/pink salt to the dish to make it yummier and healthier. All you need to do now is blend everything together and serve in a tall glass with some ice cubes in it.

Get hold of all the ingredients and whisk up this refreshing mango lassi today.


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