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YouTuber eats 50 chocolate eggs in just 24 minutes. Watch video

Actually becoming a YouTuber is not an easy task. The important thing is to create a variety of content. Some YouTubers will go to a great extent to create a variety of content.  Max is a YouTuber like this. He posted a video of himself eating 50 Cadbury chocolate cream Eggs in 24 minutes on his youTube channel ‘Max vs Food’. Cadbury cream eggs are a dish that contains a lot of sugar. Max finished his mission by drinking a little hot water from time to time.

“It was definitely the shell, you’d think they’d not be too bad – I even thought that after eating one beforehand in about 10 seconds easily,” said Staford after completing the challenge. He added that the eggs were actually very dense and hard and were not easily melting in his mouth. “But they’re so dense and hard, you have to really chew before you get to the centre that’s really sugary and thick. It’s basically really hard to eat chocolate fast,” he added.


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